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This wiki provides user support and technical description of services provided within the public and hochstaffl.local domain. By now there are two major groups of services provided namely the so called Remote Services and the EumetCast dissemination service. Services which are delivered via the domain can be accessed from anywhere via the internet. The internal hochstaffl.local domain is only accessible within the "company" network or via a dedicated VPN connection. However, most services are provided in both domains.

This wiki is under continuous modification and will be extended in different topics over time. If new services are implemented detailed descriptions on how the service can be used as well as technical support will be added to this wiki.

Remote Services

The remote services portal provides different services to internal as well as external users. Some services such as the anonymous ftp access can be used as a anonymous user, whereas all other services require credential information, i.e. username and password, to login. Within this section you will find information and support regarding the individual services.

EumetCast Dissemination Service

This service provides a wide variety of near real time high resolution satellite images. Eumetsat operates a fleet of weather and climate monitoring satellites that supply data, images and products – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – to the National Meteorological Services of our Member and Cooperating States in Europe, and other users worldwide.