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This section provides an overview of various types of DVB devices and the generic requirements. For the DVB-S services (EUMETCast Africa and Americas) generally any DVB device supporting IP reception (e.g. satellite over internet) should be working.

For EUMETCast Europe DVB-S2 please check the most up to date list of compatible devices on our WEB page.

In terms of interface there are three types of devices:

  • Internal DVB Cards:

These are usually PCI (5V or 3V) or PCIe devices. Please make sure the PCI specification (exact version number) matches the computer interface

  • DVB Router Receiver:

DVB Router Receivers are standalone boxes sending the received DVB multicast data onto a LAN that connects to the PC via a network card.

  • USB DVB Receiver:

These boxes are connected to the PC via an USB link with the same functionality as an internal DVB Reception Card. At the minimum USB 2.0 should be supported.