EumetCast Dissemination Service

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EUMETCast is a multi-service dissemination system based on standard Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology. It uses commercial telecommunication geostationary satellites to multi-cast files (data and products) to a wide user community. EUMETCast also delivers a range of third-party products (details see EUMETSAT Website)

Files are transferred via a dedicated communications line from EUMETSAT to the uplink facility. These files are encoded and transmitted to a geostationary communications satellite for broadcast to user receiving stations. Each receiving station decodes the signal and recreates the data/products according to a defined directory and file name structure. This presentation on the EUMETCast service provides more details. A single reception station can receive any combination of the services provided on EUMETCast. Data for which access is restricted, in accordance with EUMETSAT Data Policy, is made secure by the USB decryption scheme (see System Description).

In the subsequent sections some technical aspects of a personal reception station are required. For more details please see the official EUMETSAT website in the link at the beginning of this page.