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The public directory of the FTP server is accessed via '''ftp://ftp.hochstaffl.eu'''. This is a so called '''anonymous FTP access''' that is open for everyone, whereas all other types of access to the FTP server require credentials, i.e. username and password, to login.
=== User FTP Directories ===
The user directories are also hosted on the ftps://ftp.hochstaffl.eu file server.  Domain users can connect to their individual FTP directory via '''ftps://yourusername@ftp.hochstaffl.eu''' using either a web-browser or a FTP client program. In order to login to your personal directory the user should be advised to use the secure connection FTPS (FTP over SSL) which provides data-in-motion encryption through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Basically the way this works is an FTP client connects over the control/command channel (on port 21), and then the client can negotiate SSL for the data channel.
=== WebDAV Share ===
Beside the FTP server there is also the possibility to access a '''Shared WebDAV''' directory where users can upload and download files that are accessible to other domain users (shared). The shared WebDAV directory is accessed via https://remote.hochstaffl.eu/Webdav using a WebDAV client and your login credentials.

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