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The Pydio file sharing & sync utility can be accessed via:

Cloud-Storage service
  • via a Web Interface
  • via the Desktop Synchronization (download the Pydio desktop for Windows, Mac or Linux)
  • via the Mobile App

It allows you to easily manage documents everywhere (like Dropbox, etc.). In order to get access to the cloud-storage server domain-users should provide the following information:

  • Server adress:
  • username: your email address
  • password: your username's password
  • enable trust ssl certificates (optional)

Web Interface

Accessible in any browser

The web-interface of the online cloud provides an intuitive user experience, integrated preview for all of the most common file formats (audio, video, PDF, office documents), an indexation for quick search. In addition advanced sharing features allow you to share files or folders with internal and external collaborators via e.g. public links to your documents. Password-protected share links, auto-expiration after a given number of downloads and custom link handles make sure that your vital documents are protected.

A tutorials on how to do all those things is provided via this external link here

Desktop Synchronization

The cloud for your desktop

Desktop sync online enables a local folder to sync with the web interface (or to other computers using the Desktop sync app) when you or your collaborators make changes in Pydio. Many users appreciate this feature as it reminds them of popular consumer sharing software applications. Install the app and let Pydio do the work for you in the background. To the more advanced features, simply connect to the web application.

Advanced features include

  • setting the synchronization intervals
  • configure PydioSync upload only / download only or both
  • choose to sync only a subfolder in a given workspace
  • PydioSync works on Windows, Mac and Linux

Mobile Apps

Access - Preview - Edit

The Pydio app download is available for both, iOS and Android devices and allow you to quickly access your files from your smartphone. Just visit the AppStore on your smartphone or tablet and search for Pydio. After an easy setup with your credentials described above you are able to browse the online storage from your mobile device, upload files, shoot-to-upload photos or videos, or select a file from your media library and edit and update the file via external programs.