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The page contains recommendations for a EumetCast reception station. This section can serve only as a best practise advice. Station manufacturers should test and select the hardware components to make sure all elements are compatible. The minimum recommended requirements are:

  • 2.8 GHz Pentium IV type or better CPU (dual/quad core recommended)

Although also < 1GHz CPUs work in some environments, it is recommended to use state of the art CPUs, in order to provide margin for system administration and other parallel tasks.

  • 2 GByte RAM

This size is mandatory - 512 MB to 1 GB are needed as RAM Disk for the TelliCast file database buffer. The configuration of a RAM Disk is strongly recommended (details of this configuration are provided with the TelliCast installation package). All tests performed at EUMETSAT at the full data rate resulted in significant data losses on EUMETCast Reception Stations not configured with a RAM Disk. The exact size of the RAM disk depends on the number of services received.

  • Internal Disk

The exact requirement depends on the volume of data to be stored. For example, max data volume for 22.5 Mbps is 220 GB per day, for 34 Mbps it is 340 GB per day.

  • Fast and Reliable Disk Interface, e.g. SATA, SCSI

A non-blocking I/O to disk(s) is of utmost importance, to be ensured by use of suitable/reliable drivers. Usage of ramdisks for all interfaces to the TelliCast client will mitigate potential disk performance problems.

  • PCI Bus

If an internal DVB card is used: Please make sure that the PCI bus (PCI, PCIe, etc.) is compatible with the DVB card specification.

  • 100/1000 Base Ethernet Card

This interface is needed if data must be transferred to other computers, or as interface if a DVB Receiver/Router is used. More than one network interface may be needed.

  • USB Port 2.0

This interface is mandatory for connection of the EUMETCast Key Unit (EKU). Furthermore, additional USB ports might be needed to connect USB DVB reception devices and other peripheral devices.