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Users that connect to the Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) server can access virtual desktops and published applications on that server. Published remote applications are windows based programs that run side by side with local applications on your computer. Among those programs is software to view and modify satellite images as well as a comprehensive VFR flight planning tool.

Remote users (i.e. users connecting via the internet) do basically have two options to access the remote applications and desktop.

  • One option is to connect via a internet browser using the following URL.
  • The second option is to download the remote desktop client which is available for windows 7, 8 and 10 and mac OSX.

Local users using windows have an additional possibility which is to connect via the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. This can be found by clicking Start and then All Programs.

For the login you have to provide your credentials which have been obtained by writing me an email requesting your username and password. Login then by typing hochstaffl\username and password. If you are using the outlook service as well you will get an email address according to! In this case you use this email address as your username. Enter and then your password.

Remote Apps

Users can connect to an RDSH server to run programs, to save files, and to use network resources on that server. In the domain the remote app programs comprise Microsoft Office Applications such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The benefits of delivering or applications through RDSH instead of installing apps on your home computer or laptop include users ability to access apps from the field or at home using devices that would usually not support those apps. When a user access a program on an RD Session Host server, the program execution occurs on the server. Each user sees only their individual session. The session is managed transparently by the server operating system and is independent of any other client session.

Virtual Desktops

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a desktop-oriented service that hosts user desktop environments on remote servers. External and internal users access the desktops over the internet or the local network. For users, this means they can access their desktop from any location, without having to use a single client device. Since the resources are centralized, users moving between work locations can still access the same desktop environment with their applications and data.

Remote Desktops

Internal users can access the RDSH server to connect to their local computer at the internal network (i.e. home) from anywhere providing the full desktop and functional range of your home computer. In that remote session you are working on your machine located within the local network at home. The RDSH server acts as a gateway to root the display output and instructions that are sent via the internet to your home computer and vice versa.